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Unburying Your Vehicle Properly from Ice & Snow


It is a daunting task but as Bostonians we all have to do it at least several times a year. So how can we remove snow and ice from cars without damaging the surface? Let us tell you some do’s and don’ts.


Don’t – Don’t use a shovel to remove the snow from your car. Metal and plastic shovels are designed for hard road surfaces and it’s very easy to make deep scratches and dents to your car.

Do – Use softer material, foam heads, soft brush, even your arm could do the job.


Don’t – Don’t pour hot water over your car. The sudden change in temperature from extremely cold to hot could potentially cause crack to your glasses.

Do – Use your hand to move large chucks of ice, then turn on your car and let it warm up and melt off the remaining sheets of ice.


Don’t – Don’t rub salts off your car without properly washing it first. Salts are very abrasive and can scratch your car’s finish and corrode exposed metal causing premature rusting.

Do – Rinse your car thoroughly first to remove as much salt as possible before washing. Becareful not to rub salt into the surface of your paint. If going to the automatic car wash, be sure to use the touchless one.


Do – Add wax, wax, and more wax. You’ll wear gloves to protect your hands during the winter right? Your vehicle should have layers of protection too. Before winter comes, add wax to your car’s paint to create a shield. When winter is over, give it a complete detailing and make your car look its best.

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