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Boost Your Fuel Economy for the Summer Road Trip


Kids are out of school for as long as two months during the summer vacation. Are you thinking about going on a road trip? As gas prices rise, in some parts of the country it could be up to $4 per gallon. Wouldn’t you appreciate ways to maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy, let’s make some plans.


Using Navigation Systems – The best way to avoid getting lost from Point A to Point B, and avoid unnecessary fuel used for frequent traffic stop-n-go. If your vehicle doesn’t have a built-in navigation system, there are plenty of free navigation apps for your smartphone. These systems can provide real-time traffic updates and help you save time and get to destination easier.

Don’t Drive with Old Engine Oil – Most people follow their vehicle manufacture’s recommendation have regular oil changes, but some wait months and years longer. We’re here talking about getting the most miles per gallon for a long distance road trip, so plan the trip shortly after you have your vehicle’s oil changed, if possible. Old engine oil can certainly have a negative impact on your fuel economy.

Stop Carrying Dead Weight – No, we don’t mean bringing less people to the trip, just don’t bring things you won’t use. Things get piled up on a daily basis and it’s a good time to clean your vehicle out. Excessive weight can lower the miles per gallon, and believe or not, we have seen people driving around all summer with their skiing equipment in the car.

Skip Cruise Control – Cruise control is perfect when roads are long and flat, but your engine accelerates a lot harder when driving up an inclined section of the highway. So take the cruise control off when you feel like you should take better control of how you pedal.

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