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Be on Top of the Condition of your Tires


When it’s cold outside – especially when it’s -28F, you certainly don’t want to be stuck on the road with a blow out tire! Keep your tires filled up and keep an eye out for the worn and balding marks. There will be ice sheets on the road and skidding around the highway is not fun.


Check Your Tire Pressure

At least once a month, or before a long road trip, and it only takes 5 minutes.
Refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the proper level of inflation, or it might be posted by the doors. Check your tire pressure while the tires are cool for a proper reading, and fill air as needed. Don’t forget to check the spare tire too. (A manual pump might be handy if you think you don’t have time to fill air at the gas station.)

Check Tire Balance and Alignment

Potholes, rough road can contribute alignment problems. If you are driving through rough roads a lot it might be wise to check alignment just some time before your owner’s manual recommended date. Otherwise, keep a schedule of when you should check it to prevent irregular wears.

Check Tire Tread

Visually check your tires for signs of irregular wear. Notice if there are high and low areas or unusually smooth areas. Make sure no nails or other objects are embedded in the tire. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head when insert a penny into the groove of the tire tread, your tire is unsafe to drive. Consult your tire dealer.

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